About Us


✨⭐Dancing with Dreams was birthed out of a dream. 

A dream that recognizes that it's the little things in life that bring meaning to our lives.
The little blessings that enliven our lives - 
You could drink your morning coffee from an ordinary mug or one that reads "Brave women run in my family" and be fueled with new charge for the day.

 You could wear a regular tee-shirt if you were a fireman or you could wear one that reads "I fight what you fear" and feel the adrenaline of purpose charging the moments and hours that follow. ✨⭐

Shopping isn't just about finding a good deal. Although that is important. 

Shopping is about looking and searching and finding an extension of you, of who you are; in a thing of beauty. 

Our goal is to sell unique items that spark a joy within you because you have found in them, in each piece you purchase here, a sparkling expression of who you are. 

All the little things we do in life can become beautiful - like shopping. 

A little bit about me, the owner of the store. I'm a coach, a fitness trainer and a minister. I love bringing joy to my customers by finding exciting, unique items that make their life a little more meaningful, a little more fun. 

Our goal is to offer you a great customer experience so that you will return to us for more. We are committed to customer satisfaction, so if you are not happy with your purchase, you will be refunded within 30 days of your purchase. 

We are based on the West Coast, in Arizona.

You can email me at: getfitwithjincy@gmail.com
Follow me on my Facebook fan page: www.https://facebook.com/jincykelly.coaching.com

PS: My pet project is Secret Pillows (coming soon!) - made by abused women in India. When you buy one of these gorgeous pillows you are helping an abused woman stand up in her own power. 
PPS: 20% of the profits from Dancing with Dreams goes to help girls rescued from the sex trade industry in Asia.