Anti-Slip Strong Grip Gel Pads for Phones, Cars, all surfaces

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Some inventions bring a touch of magic into your daily life.
Anti-Slip Gel Pads that transform as adhesive pad on any surface, anywhere, bringing convenience into your life, is pretty wild. 
Check out the video again if you don't believe me. :)


Place it in your car's dashboard to keep your Phone, iPad, and keys secure. 
Make great use of your the empty dashboard space to keep things organized in your car. 
Stick your phone on this silicone gel pad 
Sticks on ALL surfaces: metal, glass, cabinets, granite etc
Sticks on glass surfaces
Sticks on kitchen cabinets, granite surfaces.
Strong, durable, malleable and extremely versatile. 
 Fixate Gel Pads can be washed repeatedly and reused
Dust and dirt will reduce it adhesive property but a thorough wash will renew its adhesive, stickiness. 
 Dust or dirt will reduce its fixation effect. EASY. Clean with water to renew stickiness
Material - Silicone
Size: Round (Diameter 80mm); Triangle (Height 70mm, Side length 80mm) 

This is a unique item and is NOT sold in stores! 
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