Weight Training Wrist Strap - Thumb Hook & Tape Adjustable

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✔ LIFT HEAVIER - Reduce pain and strain from your wrists, forearms and fingers with the support of straps so you can lift heavier and get more out of your workout.
✔ STRONGER GRIP - Designed to strengthen and secure your grip during weight training, straps provide palm protection and allow you to grip tighter, longer.
✔ INCREASE STRENGTH - Use for a variety of exercises for overall improved strength, including deadlifts, lat pull-downs, shrugs, pull-ups, back rows, and more.
✔ ONE SIZE FITS ALL - The one loop design is fully adjustable to fit any size wrist, great for both men and women. 
This brand new high quality Polyester fibre belt wraps snug around your wrists and is secured across the thumb. The wrist wrap is cushioned for comfort. 
The adjustable made tape design makes sure you can adjust your wrist strap to the exact measurement of your own wrist, making it anti-slip and secure. 
DURABLE - This is wrist strap is made of Polyester Fiber + Rubber. 

UNIQUE DESIGN - Special Tape Design Adjustability & Thumb Hook makes this wrist strap glued to your hands with no room to slip while lifting weights.

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